2011-2012 Curriculum

Last year I used Alpha Omega  for both the kids for science, history/geography and language arts. I used Saxon math for both of them. Here’s what happened: AO worked GREAT for Eden. She used the 3rd grade level and it was totally perfect. The Saxon math was also great, but the lessons took longer than I had anticipated and I only finished 1/2 the book. I regret that greatly. AO was terrible for Johnny. Just wretched. I can’t figure out why there is such a vast difference between the 3rd and 7th grade levels within the same curriculum, but his packets were confusing and awkward. I couple units into each subject I totally ditched them and started piecing my own lesson plans together using various web and book resources. We plugged through the Saxon math, but it was difficult too. It probably would’ve been a better fit for him had he started in the earlier grades. I insisted on sticking it out because it seemed like every  homeschooling parent I knew raved about it. I wish I wouldn’t have done that. I should have switched him after we gave it a good try because I’m not sure he was able to learn or retain very much.

So, this year…

Eden: I’m sticking with AO for her again. We’re going to finish-up the units we didn’t get to last year and then purchase enough units in the next level to complete the year. I am also going to continue the Saxon math, work hard at finishing the 3rd grade unit and try to do as much catch up as I can. She is quite behind. One of the failures I pledged to share. Note to new homeschooling parents: When all else fails during the day, DO YOUR MATH.

Johnny: I am planning a complete overhaul for him. Lots of research went into his plan. LOTS.



One thought on “2011-2012 Curriculum

  1. Kellie says:

    What a beautiful blog set up, Val! Good job!

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