Red pens, the dreaded ‘X’ and naked science experiments

Last year when we went shopping for school supplies I grabbed up some red pens… cause I’m the teacher now! Finally I get to have the power of the red, Bic pen. Something inside of me happened, however, I checked their papers and put that red ‘X’ on the incorrect problems. It was like telling them, “You’re wrong. You just failed to meet my expectations.” I just hated the way it looked.

So I switched to pink. Yes I did. And I circle the incorrect answers, then we go over them and I put a smiley face next to it. I’m sure there’s some kind of study out there that supports or rejects my idea that red ‘X’s create anxiety, but regardless… it’s pink circles around here.

So I’ve been needing some cork for the classic density science experiment for Johnny. We really needed to have the items ready for yesterday’s lesson and I didn’t feel like driving all the way out to the craft store to buy a whole bag of cork pieces when there is a perfectly good grocery store nearby that sells all kinds of corks. They’re just attached to wine bottles. I was really killing two birds with one stone because I had had one of the worst days ever, if you catch my drift. Well, I didn’t even consider for a second that the wine company would label the cork with their name.I’m thinking I won’t add this photo to our school portfolio, especially if we petition the court for permission to homeschool Jake next year.


3 thoughts on “Red pens, the dreaded ‘X’ and naked science experiments

  1. Katie says:

    LOVED this post, lol! Very funny… 🙂

    When I started homeschooling in 2005, I did the same thing as you; grabbed some red pens. I don’t know that I necessarily thought of red X’s or anything…just that teachers had red pens. 🙂 The first time I marked something on one of my son’s worksheets, he looked at me and frowned and said “the red marks make me think I’m in school.” I was so bummed. So I stopped using the red pens. To be honest, I stopped marking anything. When he was done with something, we would sit and go over it together. Right and wrong were both discussed (I wanted to make sure he didn’t get something right just because he guessed, lol). We both enjoyed that, and while there have been a lot of changes in our homeschooling journey in the years since, that one thing has stayed the same. 🙂

    Again, really enjoyed your post and I’m looking forward to reading more!

    A firm believer in that almost any homeschool subject can be made more interesting with a wall map and a good crossword puzzle.

    • vsfowler77 says:

      “just that teachers had red pens.” Exactly! But I’m not a teacher, I’m mom. People tell the kids, “How cool that your mom is your teacher!” I should tell them to say, “No, my mom is my mom!”

      • Katie says:

        My boys still won’t say “my mom is my teacher.” I don’t know that I really know why, lol, but they always answer (ALWAYS) with “we don’t have a teacher, we’re homeschooled.” I love it, it makes me laugh. But you should the looks on the faces of the people they say that to… 😀

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