Reader Review – Berenstain Bear’s “Reap the Harvest”

I’m keeping a log this year of all the books the kids read. I started this last year but they were flying through books and I kept losing track. I always feel better when things are being organized and filed and such, and it’s fun to look back at what they read when they were little. I use a brief book report form last year (I talk about ‘last year’ a lot) from abc.teach. They have report forms for upper-elementary, lower-elementary, biographies, historical novel, general fiction… very fun stuff.

Eden’s Review

Summary: It’s summer and the cubs want a job for cash so they go to work for Farmer Ben. They learned that they got money for their profit.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Yes. They like picture books and they like thinking about jobs for kids.

Mom’s review

Ok, I really love the Berestain Bear family because I grew up reading the books, but this one really bugged me. Here’s the thing, the story is based on Hebrews 6:12

“Imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.”

…the book is about the cubs earning money. GAH! As if our culture isn’t obsessed with gaining wealth enough? Inheriting what God has promised does not involve money. This set of scripture isn’t referencing individual promises that God may have made to one of his individual children. The author (jury’s out on this one) of Hebrews is talking about the promises God made to Abraham… that his ancestors would fill the earth, that a savior would be coming to bless the nations, etc… It is His promise of legacy! Why would we choose to explain this concept to our children with a money analogy? This kind of thing drives me angry, to tell the truth, because we’re dangerously close to teaching the next generation of leaders a distorted view of the Kingdom.

Will I continue to read Berestain Bears to my little one? Of course. Will I continue to ponder why Brother and Sister never got the dignity of having real names? Absolutely-freaking-of-course. Every single character in that show and books has a real name. What’s up Stan and Jan?


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