Weekly Lesson Plan – 9/19/11

A few days late in putting these up because the PC was not friendly to me. Only to boys playing Minecraft. All day yesterday it was down until Johnny sat down to play his game and it magically came to life.

This Marco Polo program looks promising, so I want to work that in before we move out of this history unit. If you have a Netflix account it’s free for instant viewing.

Two science experiments this week and I really don’t enjoy them very much. It just seems like a lot of work to observe something that we already know will occur. That’s just me being tired and whiney, need to remember that it’s a good opportunity to snap photos for scrapbooking and such.

I was was actually nervous about him digging into The Hobbit because one of the saddest things for me is when the kids turn up their noses at the classics. I was worried that the language would be more tedious than he was willing to accept or that he would find the storyline boring (you never know!), but he is totally into it and goes to bed reading it every night. The study guide is fantastic and I highly reccomend it if you ever have your children read this book. It’s really making him think and pull the story apart. I’m impressed at what he is picking up between the lines and it’s giving us some fun things to talk about. So yes, I’m reading it too. Haven’t done so since the 8th grade, lol!

He is also working his way through his Window’s Programming and loving it, the little geek that he is.

Having a proud moment here… 3 weeks into school and Eden hasn’t missed one single math lesson. Last year I found every excuse in the book (no pun intended) to skip it and as a result didn’t finish most of what we should have. Scary confession moment here! Saxon lessons aren’t difficult, they are just lengthy. I guess they know what they’re doing though because what she is learning she has down pat and her math reasoning is impressive. Lots of pre-algebra concepts and everyday life applications.

I decided that since we’re letting Johnny tackle the programming project, that I need to let her concentrate on something she likes, which is sewing. She’s been sewing simple things for about a year, so we’re doing some more formal learning times now. Found this cute book at the library that is full of non-machine projects (link provides a good preview.) So, expect pictures of her projects soon 🙂

Half-way through the week! Woohoo!


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