Business letter

One of Eden’s MS Word projects this week was to generate a business letter. I like this because it’s not just a way for her to learn how to deal with people professionally, but also that her voice and opinion matters. Johnny wrote a letter to Wendy’s last year to complain about their new sea salt fries, giving several persuasive reasons on why they should change back to their original fries. I have to pull that up because it was quite brilliant. Eden wrote her letter to the American Girl Doll company (surprise, surprise.)

To whom it might concern:

Thank you for creating Kanani Akinda girl of the year 2011. I love her because she is pretty and I love her character and story line. Can you tell me what girls of the year 2012’s name is? Please write back.

Sincerely yours,

Eden Fowler

(and then her precious little 4th grade signature)

Here’s a template from Scholastic that you can follow


2 thoughts on “Business letter

  1. Great lesson assignment idea, I loved the letter!

    • vsfowler77 says:

      Thanks Jenn! She actually got a letter back but I forgot to post it 🙂 I’ve put it away as a keepsake for her.

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