The Weirdest Thing I Heard Yesterday

So yesterday we broke open the Exploring Creation book and the first experiment is the classic density demonstration where you pour different liquids into a jar and watch them separate and then toss in different objects to see which layer they land in. We needed a cork (check!), grape (check!), ice cube (check!), and a rock.

Me: Uhh… Eden. We need a rock. Where are we going to get a rock????” (We do not live in a neighborhood where there are rocks. Just trust me.)

E: Uhh…

Me: Go put your boots on and look in the woods.

E: (tilted head sarcastic squinty-eyed pre-teen glare)

Me: We need a rock!

E: Oh wait! I just saw one in my bed! 

She just saw one in her bed???

It’s true. Here is the evidence.

And not just some driveway pebble, but some kind of fossilized thingy and we can’t come up with any possible hypothesis of how it may have ended up there.

She is very much like a 3-year-old at times.


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