About Me

The Purpose Of This Blog

The emphasis of this blog will land on homeschooling and all that comes with it.

The Boring Stuff

  • Name: Valerie
  • Age: 30’ish
  • Location: Michigan
The Non-Boring Stuff
I have a pretty full, fun and crazy house. Here’s who fills it:
  • My husband of almost 14 years, John. He is a part-time  college instructor and full-time network security analyst. He is the logical, reliable, steady-minded guy who keeps this three ring circus grounded. He is my bestest friend and best daddy I know. Seriously.
  • My 12-year-old son, Johnny. He’s a lot like his daddy… loves technology and analyzing things. He is all about anything iPod and Halo. I wish I could explain his style of humor, because he cracks me up everyday. He is very well respected and liked. Ironically enough, one of his greatest strengths is creative writing. He claims to hate math, but hasn’t quite realized that if he wants to be a computer programmer he’s going to have his math down-pat.
  • My new 12-year-old son, Jake. Jake came to live with us in March as part of the foster care program. That’s actually the simple way of explaining our relationship with him without going through all the crazy, confusing details. Bottom line is that we finally  gained full, permanent custody of him in July and it’s happy-happy-joy-joy for all of us.  Because of judge ruling he will have to remain in public school this year, but next year we can petition the court for the ability to homeschool him. Even through his turbulent life last year, he remained a straight A student because he is, well, an amazing kid! He is a gamer like Johnny, but loves to be more active and outside.
  • My 9-year-old daughter, Eden. She is the light that makes this house shine. She has more of a social life than I do, and at night I pray over her that God would continue to bless her friendships. She is a cute, tiny little 4th grader who still cuddles with mommy, makes American Girl doll videos on her iPod and has a love affair with bacon. She makes my heart swell.
  • Our mixed-breed dog, Maggie. We refer to her as ‘the ugly dog’ because she’s gross, sheds and is always in your personal space.
  • My Scottish terrier, London. She is MY baby. She never appears guilty about anything, because apparently she has the right to do whatever she wants.
  • A Puggle that came with Jake, Peanut. Oh my! What a doll! She’s so ugly she’s cute and we just adore her. She and London disagree as to who is top dog.
  • Our kitty, Tinkerbell. She is very anti-people, anti-dog and most visitors don’t know she exists. She is Johnny’s baby.
Between the family, the animals and the plethora of friends coming and going, this place is crazy and I love it.
The Utterly Useless Stuff
  • My guilty pleasure is reality TV. Summer fave is Big Brother but I’ll even resort to Mob Wives in a pinch.
  • I drink about 4 cups of a coffee a day.
  • I have tried to get into green tea, but it’s really disgusting.
  • If anyone touches my word search books the whole thing is ruined.
  • I like to walk London because people makes nice comments about her.
  • I love filling the dishwasher, hate emptying it.
  • I wish I lived back in the ’50’s. Or Little House On the Prairie days.
  • My favorite jokes are knock-knock jokes.
  • Cat’s tails fascinate me.
  • Don’t ever give me ‘the finger.’
  • Three words: Brown Sugar Poptarts
  • I’m a Bonsai Blast junkie

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