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Gettin’ Our Groove (back) On

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A few months back into homeschooling and I think we’re on a kinda sorta daily schedule. We’re not doing nearly as much as I thought/wish/assume we should be doing, so I have to keep reminding myself that we are doing E.N.O.U.G.H. It’s affirmation I give to lots of mommies but have a hard time applying to myself. Spring break turned into a 2 week hiatus due to Eden becoming quite sick, so it was sloooooooooow and painful getting back to work yesterday. Math was a total joke. For a couple of problems we both sat there staring at it like, “Uh… what exactly are we doing?”

We’re not early risers around here. I could have her up and being productive by 9:00, and maybe I should, but <insert whiny voice> I don’t wanna! It’s hard to break away from coffee, computer, Instagram & TV. A little shameful. To be embarrassingly honest, we don’t usually start working till 10:30 or 11:00. We have a short devotion time, separately, then meet up for spelling, grammar and then math. Have lunch and watch whichever series we’re in the middle of. We watched all of Child Genius and Eden had to keep shushing me because I’d get so irate at some most of the parents that I’d start yelling at the TV. And of course, our favorite, Brain Games. Then science or history, piano, reading and done for the day.

Goals for the rest of the year

  • Finish 2 more science units
  • Keep laughing at math mistakes
  • Read more
  • Keep hugging
  • Keep loving
  • Not give up before June

The Weirdest Thing I Heard Yesterday

So yesterday we broke open the Exploring Creation book and the first experiment is the classic density demonstration where you pour different liquids into a jar and watch them separate and then toss in different objects to see which layer they land in. We needed a cork (check!), grape (check!), ice cube (check!), and a rock.

Me: Uhh… Eden. We need a rock. Where are we going to get a rock????” (We do not live in a neighborhood where there are rocks. Just trust me.)

E: Uhh…

Me: Go put your boots on and look in the woods.

E: (tilted head sarcastic squinty-eyed pre-teen glare)

Me: We need a rock!

E: Oh wait! I just saw one in my bed! 

She just saw one in her bed???

It’s true. Here is the evidence.

And not just some driveway pebble, but some kind of fossilized thingy and we can’t come up with any possible hypothesis of how it may have ended up there.

She is very much like a 3-year-old at times.


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Weekly Lesson Plans

I wouldn’t let myself go to bed last night until I had this week fully planned, so I’m starting out my Monday feeling pretty prepared. I didn’t plan day-by-day like last year because one little unexpected thing throws the whole thing off anyway. So I figured out everything I’d like to get done this week, and then will jot down in the morning what I’d like them to accomplish before the end of each day.

Eden’s Planner

Her current geography unit is on Florida and the Kennedy Space Center. I found this cute book

and the illustrations in this one are awesome

and I’m really looking forward to watching this (though I’m not sure why Tom Cruise is narrating it when Morgan Freeman should have been the obvious choice.)

We’re working through a sound unit in science and I can’t pass up this 1948 educational video. Oh, the things the internet unearths.

Johnny has a heavier workload this year, but I’m sure he can handle it. I want to challenge him a bit more than I did last year.  We have new history and science curriculum that I’m really excited about.

Johnny’s planner

LOVING the viking unit in history! Makes me want to wear a hat with horns and call my kids Sven or Olaf or some other cool Icelandic names. Supplements for him include this piece of fiction that I can’t WAIT to receive. I don’t buy a whole lot of books, but if the library doesn’t carry it and I really, really, reallllly want it I will place an Amazon order. (We don’t have any decent bookstores around.) This has so many good reviews and I want to read it myself.

This also looks promising. A library find this time.

Many early explorers were ship-wrecked, so it isn’t too much of a stretch to work this in, right? Sometimes the only way I can get my kids to watch the classics are to force them to and then cross my fingers that they don’t mock  my childhood entertainment.

I’ll probably be updating throughout the week as we get science experiments and such underway. I also have some thoughts to get down about Eden’s school time behavior as well as thoughts I have concerning some common questions about homeschooling. For now, break’s over!